Twitter Mail is a free service that allows you to post tweets via email. 

Once you subscribe, you are assigned a unique email address which you can easily change if you wish, via your settings. 

Every email that is send to this address will then be posted as a tweet on your Twitter account, including messages that are longer than 140 characters. They will automatically be shortened while a link will be added to the tweet to see the full message. 

A few popular use cases for Twitter Mail:

- Automation of tweets (such as for traffic and weather reports)

- Tweeting long tweets

Some of the features of the twitter mail service:

Cut Off Phrase

Only the part in your email before this phrase will be posted on twitter. This can be anything that you want to use or some standard signature that is automatically added whenever you send an email. If you leave this blank we'll cut of the email you send after two breaks.

Part to Tweet

You can pick what part of the email you would like us to Tweet:

  • Message body
  • Subject
  • Subject and Message

Twitter Mail