There are quite a number of ways you can use to gain more followers such as promoting your account, following other users, using follow-unfollow tactics, favouriting tweets and others. However, these methods are rather problematic and in the case that they’ve been automated, Twitter forbids them outright.

Advertising your account is much advantageous as compared to automating it, due to the following reasons:

1. Spamming other users with false follows and favorites is absent.

2. The follower to following ratio of your account improves, thus enhancing the appeal of your account.

3. Your account is not polluted with the spammy ways of attracting follower’s attention.

We employ the same strategy and method used by Twitter to promote accounts. The only major difference between us and Twitter is that we charge a smaller fraction of what they charge.  Twitter charges from $0.5 to $4 for every engagement such as profile view. We only charge an average of between 0.4$ to $0.6 per gained follower. With us, you get the benefits of monthly campaigns, up to 20% more impressions for the same amount. Our conversion rates are also reasonable, about 1% of the impressions.  What’s more is that your account will have a normal healthy growth pattern without any suspicious spikes.