Twitter Counter is a third party service for Twitter. In other words, we are not Twitter! Twitter shares information about Twitter accounts with the outside world through something that is called the Twitter public API.

We at Twitter Counter collect this data and store it on our servers. We have been doing this since 2008. This way we can show you statistical and long-term information about your Twitter account that will help you to use your Twitter account smarter.

We offer three main services that can help you enhance your Twitter account:

  • Analytics - This service offers tracking of everything that’s going on in relation to your Twitter account, so you can take better marketing decisions based on that data and analysis. This info includes number of followers, unfollowers, new followers, following, mentions, retweets, best time to tweet, who are your brand ambassadors, client reporting and much more. 

  • Competitor data - you can purchase competitor data about other Twitter accounts. You then get a detailed spreadsheet with all the data we’ve collected about this account since we’ve started tracking it: the number of tweets, number of followers and users followed. 

  • Promoted account - you can have your Twitter account promoted so you can gain more followers and retweets and enhance healthy growth of your account.