Do you want an easier way to measure your Twitter impact and improve it without hassle? 

Twitter Counter helps you track your Twitter account's performance and activity. It also gives you a more convenient way of monitoring Twitter growth of accounts other than yours.

We make this possible by providing you with Twitter stats and analytics reports across four different premium plans.

  • You can see how your interaction metrics are changing over time – both on a high level – to validate your posting tactics, and granularly – to identify the winning content with your audience.
  • You can track the changes in your number of followers and find out how it has been changing over time.
  • You can see who are the impactful new followers you’ve gotten and the ones you lost – to keep tabs with your audience.
  • You can compare the growth of your followers to the number of those you are following.
  • We give you a competitive comparison where you can track the number of followers and Tweets in relation to other users and competitors.
  • We will predict how the number of your followers is likely to change in the next period of time. You can set a milestone and get notification when the milestone is attained.
  • If you’re managing a Twitter account for a brand or a client – you can use our various reporting tools to help you save time with your progress reports and be on top of your game.

Apart from tracking Twitter statistics, Twitter Counter can help you build a stronger online presence through our Advertising service which allows you to run ad campaigns to promote your Twitter account and gain more followers.

And if you're interested in keeping up with Twitter's 'millionaires' you can always keep an eye to our list of top 100 Twitter users.

Our most valuable features to help you bring your Twitter marketing game are provided under premium plans. As a free user, you will only get basic stats, which are not updated frequently. Therefore an upgrade of your account to one of our four plans will certainly benefit many use cases.