You can export your monthly report or an overview of your Twitter Statistics for any period of up to 3 months for which we have your data, by clicking on the "Export Stats" option on top of your profile page. We have made a video that explains it all:

However, this feature is not available for free users, only for Professional, Business and Unlimited plans. 

You also get this report sent to your email on a monthly basis. This feature is particularly liked by power users. It’s most loved because it offers quite a number of benefits including:

  • A granular view of the most successful tweets.
  • A closer view of users who mostly engage with you.
  • It gives you a detailed view of your Twitter account’s daily achievements.
  • You can take this data and slice and dice it as you please.

Another option for exporting your data to CSV exists on every chart. There you can choose to export the chart to CSV, JPG and PNG , using the grey button next to “Share your followers ratio” at the top-right of the chart. Check out this screenshot – it’s worth a thousand words.

*Only premium users at second tier and above can export their stats to the comprehensive CSVs. All premium users can export individual chart data to CSV.