You can export your monthly report or an overview of your Twitter Statistics for the last 30 days be clicking on the "Export Stats" option on top of your profile page. 

You can also choose to export a PDF report for any custom date range for which we have data on your account. 

Like exporting to CSV, exporting your stats to PDF offers you plenty of benefits including:

  • A list of your tweets that are most successful.
  • An easier view of users who engaged with you most.
  • An easier way of measuring your Twitter account’s daily achievements.
  • A no-hassle way to report to your client(s) and/or bosses about your achievements.

This stats report in PDF format is sent to your email on a monthly basis to save you the hassle. 

We have made a video that explains it all:

*Exporting stats to PDF is available for Premium users from the second tier and above.